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29, UK, Just taking pictures (and sometimes drawing things too). You can buy stuff with my things on here: create & buy custom products at Zazzle
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Nintendo Peripherals by Dillon King


Source unknown, credit to photographer and model


harley davidson australia




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Ever wished you could somehow transform your film SLR into a functioning digital camera? Well my friends, progress is being made!

James Jackson is currently crowd-funding his “DigiPod,” which is a unique cartridge that fits into your film SLR, allowing you to capture digital photos. 

Project Aims to Bring Your Film SLR Up to Digital Speed

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Hi all, this is my kickstarter. If you could take a moment to check it out I’d appreciate it :)


Some old skool designs I’ve drawn over the last week or so.

If you are going to use one please let me know.

You can find all my stuff here - http://nohholmez.deviantart.com/

The adventures of Dexter and Stan continue. As usual, Stan’s an idiot.


Use of medication in the treatment of mental illness is something I feel ambivalent about. For some people it’s incredibly important to take it, and it’s integral to the management of their illness. My personal experience is that trying med after med and it having little or no effect means it’s better to be off them. No pill I ever took lifted my mood, stopped me panicking and gave the day even a small bit of meaning like having a dog has done, so yep, I think pets should be included in prescriptions.

About my dog and his inability to go past obstacles rather than wrapping anything nearby around the obstacle including himself, me and his brother. I suspect he doesn’t see it that way otherwise he wouldn’t do it right? RIGHT!?